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Saw bars and Saw chains

10 %, 15% or 20% discount. You choose.

Right now we’re offering quantity discount on saw bars and saw chains. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. We’ll give you a discount of up to 20 percent on the entire purchase when you buy any Komatsu saw bars and Komatsu saw chains.

Our saw bars offer unique stability, optimised chain tracks and effective lubrication. And our saw chains are extremely durable with a long service life. The best possible choice, quite simply.

For the absolute best functionality, use Komatsu Forest SCO Natura. Our saw chain oil SCO Natura has been upgraded with a new formula and new characteristics, offering better lubrication and adhesion as well as improved anti-oxidation properties.
Swords and chains service in forest

Saw bars and saw chains

Fast and safe cutting

Fast and reliable cutting is important to achieve high productivity and a high quality result. And that is what you get when you choose saw bars and chains from ProSelect.

In order for the cut to be effective and safe, the saw bar and chain must function well together. That is the reason we have developed and carefully tested these products so they will work in perfect harmony, and that is why it is just these selected saw bars and chains that can use the ProSelect quality branding.

When choosing these Komatsu saw bars and chains, you can feel confident that both the functionality and durability are the best possible. Plus, you get less cutting cracks and a minimised risk of chain shot. An easy choice.