A smart choice!

Optimise performance with the right grease

We're offering a 15% discount on our ProSelect range of greases throughout July.

Our greases are specially developed to handle the demanding environments in which forest machines work. All our greases are highly water repellent and provide effective corrosion protection. What's more, ProSelect greases stand up well against shocks and jolts and offer good surface adhesion. You can choose between greases based on mineral oil or synthetic oil. And another thing. Don't forget that the right grease maximises your machine's performance and production.

This offer applies to:
VGC1 380 g/18 kg, CG 380 g, Envirosys Bio-W 17 kg and HSG 380 g.
Lubricant grease chassi


Extend the life of your machine

The Komatsu lubricants are the perfect choice when you’re looking for products that works in all conditions. Carefully selected to optimise the Komatsu forestry machines’ performance. From shock-resilient grease suitable for the central lubrication system, to our biodegradable oil with lots of good viscosity characteristics for high performance hydraulic systems. This means increased performance, productivity and lifespan.