A smart choise!

The perfect oil for your machine

We're offering a 10% discount on our ProSelect range of lubricating oils throughout August.

Choosing oils from the ProSelect range gives you peace of mind. They‘ve all been thoroughly tested for use with Komatsu machines and provide the right quality and all the necessary additives to ensure optimum performance from your machine. Less friction. Improved corrosion protection. More uniform viscosity even with large changes in temperature. Longer service life and a good balance between environmental friendliness and high technical performance.

Oh, and one more thing. Remember never to cut corners on service intervals for oil and oil filter changes. They offer cheap insurance against downtime and reconditioning headaches.

This offer applies to:

Hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission oil and saw chain oil
Lubricant grease chassi


Extend the life of your machine

The Komatsu lubricants are the perfect choice when you’re looking for products that works in all conditions. Carefully selected to optimise the Komatsu forestry machines’ performance. From shock-resilient grease suitable for the central lubrication system, to our biodegradable oil with lots of good viscosity characteristics for high performance hydraulic systems. This means increased performance, productivity and lifespan.