The MaxiXplorer control and information system is the key to all the advantages of MaxiFleet. MaxiXplorer contains a great deal of data about production, operational monitoring, machine status and much more. This data is automatically gathered and visualised in MaxiFleet, which enables effective and valuable follow-ups. Since the system is web-based, forest machine owners gain access to all information about their machines regardless of time or place. In situations where the operator has no network signal, the new Offline Sync function enables all information to be stored in a smartphone app and then automatically synchronised with MaxiFleet when the operator regains network coverage.

One major new feature in MaxiFleet is the upgraded area management functionality, which now enables you to take care of and automate many administrative tasks from your office, smartphone or home. You can prepare areas so that everything is already in place when the operator enters the machine – which cuts administration and thereby increases profitability. The area overview enables you to follow progress in all areas. It uses various map layers to display information about each area: shares of harvested and forwarded volumes, the average stem and a map of wood pile locations.

What's more, it enables you to quickly create reports for a particular area. For example, a comparison with the estimated volume specified when the area was created provides a rough idea of how much work remains in the area and that work can be further optimised. Area management makes it easy to follow up an area as regards both production and map data at all times.

Another smart function that makes life easier for forest machine owners is remote support, allowing experts at Komatsu Forest to connect to the customer's machine and troubleshoot any problems remotely. Remote support saves both time and money as expensive travel time is avoided and the experts at Komatsu Forest are always on hand. Technicians can use the remote support service to provide training, troubleshoot problems, adjust machine settings, update software and much more. The result is fast and readily available support and minimised downtime.

Another important aspect of increasing profitability is conducting follow-ups, and the upgraded machine analysis function is a useful tool in this regard. This function provides the customer with an effective overview of their machines together with their statuses, capacity utilisation and important key data. Examples of the follow-ups available include: production, operational monitoring, engine, battery, scale and head. The information can be filtered by parameters such as operator, area and time interval. Oil sample analyses are automatically added to and visualised in MaxiFleet and important events such as service appointments and head replacements are shown in the system.

MaxiFleet is available with three different service levels: Base, Advanced and Advanced Plus. The level that best suits the customer's needs can be chosen. Some of the functions described above require Advanced or Advanced Plus.