Komatsu 875

In a class of its own

Komatsu 875

The Komatsu 875 is something of a yardstick when it comes to the demands for a profitable forwarder. When you look a little more closely, you quickly see that it is in a class of its own regarding everything from productivity and cost efficiency to the operator environment.


Maximised productivity

With a tractive force of 214 kN, the 875 has all the power required, and the unique interaction between engine, control system and transmission makes it exceptionally manoeuvrable in all situations. The Komatsu 875 provides its highest torque at low engine speeds and automatically adapts to changes in engine load due to terrain, obstacles, inclines and crane loads. The result is maximized productivity and benefit from every ounce of horsepower and every litre of diesel.

Flexible bunk with high load capacity

The Komatsu 875 has a large bunk characterised by its flexibility and many options. One is FlexGate, the gate that improves visibility and flexes out of the way if struck by the crane. This simplifies loading and minimises the risk of machine damage. Another is FlexBunk, which with its hydraulic height-adjustable stakes and option to widen the bunk provides a high load capacity.

Excellent operator environment

The cab is spacious with plenty of legroom and numerous storage solutions. The feeling of volume inside the cab is striking. The large windows offer fantastic visibility upwards, downwards and to the sides, making crane operation easier. The cab has a low noise level and a driver’s seat that offers superb comfort and a large working range. Naturally, Comfort Ride is available as an option.




Technical dimensions of the Komatsu 875
Approximate weight

8 WD: 19,900 kg

Stroke volume

7,4 l


185 kW DIN (248 HP) at 1,900 RPM.


1,100 Nm at 1,500 rpm

Fuel Tank

210 l

Gross load

16,000 kg

Bunk area

4,7 - 6,4 m2, depending on options and market


130F or 145F


130F: 8 m/10 m, 145F: 8,5/10,0 m

Gross lifting torque

130F: 127 kNm , 145F: 145kNm

Gross slewing torque

130F: 28.7 kNm, 145F: 38,0 kNm


G121/G141 ProTec and slewing dampened link.


Komatsu G28/G36/G36HD


360 l/min at 2,000 RPM


24 V

Battery capacity

2 x 180 Ah


2 x 100 A

Driving Speed

0-20 km/h (0-12,5 mph)

Tranctive Force

214 kN

General information

Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, not that which is standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

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