Komatsu 901XC

Low ground pressure, stability and good reach

Komatsu 901XC

The Komatsu 901XC is a thinning harvester with extreme stability and good reach. Its eight wheels reduce ground damage on soft forest floors and deliver excellent manoeuvrability in steep terrain


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Advantages in difficult terrain

The Komatsu 901XC makes light work of inclines and difficult terrain. One important reason for this is the impressive starting tractive force and the unique interaction between the engine, control system and power transmission. The hydrostatic, power-optimised transmission enables engine power to be fully utilised, providing excellent climbing ability and considerable advantages in difficult terrain. Several preset and task-specific driving modes enable you to maximize productivity and benefit from every ounce of horsepower and every litre of diesel.

Excellent operator environment

The levelling system keeps the cab horizontal, which means you're always sitting comfortably and relaxed. The operator environment is unique in several other ways as well. Large cab volume, good visibility in all directions, smart screen placement and remote control/key for controlling the main circuit breaker and the diesel heater. Floor heating, effective lighting and three joystick alternatives - including EME - to choose between make for a comfortable cab. Add the optional Autolev Advanced cab damping for the ultimate comfort.

Unique pressure and flow optimisation

The 901XC features Komatsu's unique 3-pump hydraulics. The unique pressure and flow optimisation enables you to work significantly faster as the 3-pump hydraulics allow you to use several crane and head functions simultaneously with maximum hydraulic power, such as slewing the crane, feeding a log and manoeuvring the machine, with optimally low fuel consumption.

The most stable harvester

Komatsu's eight-wheeled harvesters are the most stable thanks to a concept that combines technologies both old and new. It's based on the tried and tested concept of a rigid articulated joint and a swing axle working together with the cab's tilt cylinders. On the 901XC, the swing axle is paired up with Komatsu Comfort Bogie, lowering the machine's centre of gravity and increasing ground contact. This unique bogie with twin suspension systems provides a good balance between performance on soft ground and excellent manoeuvrability in steep terrain.

Improved off road manoeuvrability

Improved off-road manoeuvrability with higher ground clearance, greater tractive force and improved power steering.




Harvester Komatsu 901 dimensions
A. Width

With 600/45x24,5 tyres: 2 776 mm (9'1").

B. Length, total

7 705 mm

C. Length, front axle to middle joint

1 850 mm (6'1")

D. Length, middle joint to rear axle

2 100 mm (6'11")

E. Transport height

3840 mm to top of roof, straight cab. 3810 mm backwards tilted cab with tilted light ramp. Both measurements with tire compression.

F. Ground clearance at steering joint

650 mm (12'6")


Stated dimensions are nominal and may vary slightly depending on production tolerances and choice of equipment.

Approximate weight

From 20 210 kg


AGCO Power, 6-cylinder diesel engine with turbo and intercooler. EU Stage V.

Stroke volume

6.6 l (1.74 gal)


170 kW DIN at 1 900 rpm


950 Nm (701 ft-lb) at 1 500 rpm

Fuel tank

415 l (102 gal)

Model and reach

200H : 10 m (32'10")/ 11 m (36'1")

Gross lifting torque

198 kNm (14,604 lbf-ft)

Gross slewing torque

43 kNm (31,715 lbf-ft)

Available heads

S82, S92, C93, C124


400 l/min at 1 600 rpm

System pressure

280 bar (4,061 psi)


24 V

Battery capacity

2 x 180 Ah


2 x 100 A

Driving speed

0-21,5 km/h (0-12.5 mph)

Tractive force

184 kN

General information

The specifications describe possible equipment, not which equipment is standard or optional. Standard and optional equipment varies between countries. Your sales representative has an up-to-date list of what is included. Weights are based on the equipment specified in the basic specification. Specifications and designs are subject to alteration without prior notice.