One eagerly awaited announcement is the introduction of the brand-new Komatsu 825TX, an agile 9-tonne forwarder with good tracking characteristics aimed at the market segment for the smallest machines. It also fills the gap left by Komatsu Forest's former bestseller, the Komatsu 830.

Previously our smallest offering at 11 tonnes, the Komatsu 835 is making a comeback with an upgraded spec boasting new features that make it an even more specialised thinning machine. The 835TX is described as an agile forwarder with high ground clearance and good tracking characteristics.

"Our original plan was to present the new machine at FinnMetko this September, but due to current circumstances, we've had to change our plans and will instead embark on a demo tour throughout the autumn", says Daniel Grabbe, Product Manager at Komatsu Forest.
Minimal impact and agility in focus
With the Thinning Xperts, we introduce an all-new tracking frame that more than halves the tracking – the difference between the front and rear wheel tracks – to less than 200 mm.
"A machine with the smallest possible tracking is more agile and has less impact, which reduces the risk of damage to standing trees", Grabbe explains.

The lengths of the tracking frame components have been optimised for the best possible tracking – all without impacting the overall frame length or the length of the load area. The steering coupling has also been moved further back so that the rear wheels better follow the front wheels, to further reduce tracking.

"Naturally, not only do thinning machines need to be agile, they also need to be productive. This means a spacious load area, a powerful crane and high traction. In short, the same demands placed on the large machines but in a more compact package", says Grabbe.

The load space of the TX machines has been optimised for thinning with a special gate (Thinning Gate) and special bunks (Thinning Bunks). Both the gate and the bunks are angled 5 degrees inwards at the top to be as agile as possible in tight spaces. This reduces the risk of hitting standing trees when the machine sways from side to side in uneven terrain. As on other Komatsu forwarders, the load area is otherwise flexible with many options to choose from.

Both the 825TX and the 835TX feature a new upgraded design, the latest engine installation and a new control system. Visibility is excellent in all directions – over the hood and down towards the wheels as well as over the load area and towards the treetops. The good visibility combined with the TX machines' powerful crane with its long reach and minimalist design with few protruding parts enables the operator to feel confident in not damaging any standing trees while thinning.